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MRCA Entry Line:  1-888-501-3021

MRCA Turnout Line:  1-888-908-5246


Turnouts MUST be done no less than 2 HOURS before the PERF


The MRCA approves amateur rodeos in the provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan and in North Dakota, USA. During the rodeo season, volunteer rodeo committees provide the manpower and facilities to produce each rodeo while local businesses sponsor prize money for the events. Stock contractors coordinate the rodeo contestants, provide bucking horses and bulls for roughstock, and cattle to rope for timed events. Amateur rodeos provide good family entertainment for each town and surrounding community. View the MRCA amateur rodeo schedule for rodeos coming up in your area!


MRCA and Bull Riders Canada Partnership

April 18, 2018

The Manitoba Rodeo Cowboys Association and Bull Riders Canada have partnered together to give Bull Riders even more opportunities to help grow the sport of Bull Riding and Rodeo!!

This new partnership will permit Members from each respective association to enter the co-sanctioned events on their current Association Membership. BRC Members will have the added bonus of these events allowing them yet another opportunity to make those points and climb up the ranks of the BRC National Standings. Being that the majority of these co-sanctioned events are one-head, that means double points.

2018 Co Sanctioned Events are:

MRCA Lead Events

Selkirk Triple S Fair & Rodeo - Selkirk, MB

Arcola Roughstock - Arcola, SK

Hanover Ag Fair - Grunthal, MB

Virden Indoor Rodeo & Wild West Daze - Virden, MB

Double B Ag Festival - Beausejour, MB

BRC Central Tour Lead Events

Gladstone, MB

Grunthal, MB

Eriksdale, MB                                                                                     

Please visit the Rodeo Schedule for FULL ENTRY INFO on these co-sanctioned events. 

Event Details:

  • Events will operate under (home soil) rule book (MRCA, BRC).
  • MRCA or BRC Carded Member have three (3) business days from the conclusion of any BRC event or MRCA co-sanctioned event to purchase their full BRC OR MRCA Membership Card and have their recent points and money count in the BRC National Standings and MRCA Regular Season Standings
  • No points or money will count for Contestants in BRC/MRCA standings unless the rider has a current BRC/MRCA Membership Card.
  1. For BRC Members participating in MRCA Rodeos:  Points awarded for BRC Standings, within the MRCA events as if the event was a single Long Round….DOUBLED! “Page 14 BRC Rule Book item f: Points under NOTE.”
  • BRC Events - entries, callbacks, draws or turnouts and BRC event details will be handled by the BRC Office.
  • MRCA Events - entries, callbacks, draws or turnouts for MRCA events will be handled by the MRCA Office